Guinea fowl roulade - Saint Hubert
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Guinea fowl roulade

Serves 4 persons
Guinea fowl fillet
  • Guinea fowl fillets without inner part / 4 guinea fowl inner fillets ±100g / 50g cream (40%) / 25g egg white / young spinach / 4 slices of Jambon d’Ardenne

Cut the guinea fowl fillets open and cover with a plastic foil. Break the nerves by hitting the fillets with a pan. Season with pepper and salt. Cook the young spinach with pepper, salt and a bit of garlic. Let it cool off and drain in a sieve.


Blend the inner fillets along with some pepper and salt. Add cream and blend smoothly. Add the egg white and blend until the desired smooth mixture. Take half of the mixture and blend with the drained spinach.


Lay the fillet on a foil and coat with the stuffing. Add a slice of Jambon and coat with the spinach stuffing. Roll up and tie together. Cook au bain-marie for ±25 min. on 75°C. Warm up in an oven at 180°C. When cooked, decorate on a plate.

Sushi of Chinese cabbage
  • 1 chinese cabbage / bouillon / 2 shallots / butter

Break off the outer leaves of the cabbage and bleach them in chicken bouillon. Cool off in ice water and dry on a towel.

Cut the cabbage core in brunoise and cook very softly in bouillon. Drain the bouillon. Cut the shallots in thin slices and sweat them in butter. Add the cabbage and dry heat. Cool off in the fridge.

Wrap the leaves in plastic foil with the nerves up. Fill with the brunoise, roll up and tie together. When serving, cut it first and warm up in oven in tin foil for 10 min on 180°C. Affilla cress will give a finishing touch.

Young carrot & turnip

Peel both vegetables and boil them in salted water. Before serving, cook shortly in some butter.

Nature Sauce

Sear the guinea fowl carcasses in the oven with carrots, onions, garlic, laurel, thyme and tomato paste.
Moisten with red wine and water. Cook for 4-5 hours. Pass through a fine sieve and let it rest overnight.

Degrease and stew with a shallot and garlic clove. Add brown sugar and extinguish with vinegar. Add the moisture with the stock and cook till sauce thickness. Mount with a lump of butter and decorate the plate.

Bouchon potato
  • 8 potatoes “Charlotte” / laurel leaf and thyme / garlic / butter / pepper and salt

Gouge the potatoes out with a corer. Wash the cored potatoes and put them in a high cooking pot.

Add a laurel leaf, peeled clove of garlic, some thyme and a lump of butter. Cover all with water.  Cook thoroughly in order to obtain a nice color. Decorate on a plate.