History - Saint Hubert
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How it all began ...

Rich in history, our Jambon d’Ardenne is produced in St.-Hubert, a small town of Gallo-Roman origin in the heart of the Ardennes forest.

There was once, long ago, an ambitious man, Robert Schietse. He bought hams made in Belgium and sold them everywhere in and around Brussels with his delivery bicycle. Business was doing well. After the war there were many changes…


In 1974 the Walloon government decided to protect the production of hams made in the Ardennes by Geographical Indication. With these changes in mind the two sons of Robert, Walter & Herman, also very ambitious, decided to look for a place in the Ardennes where they could make Jambon d’Ardenne. They found a small butchery in St.-Hubert and decided to buy it immediately. After some rebuilding and renewal, the production increased every year. They made Coeur d’Ardenne, Jambon and Cobourg and Fleur d’Ardenne. The family has always consisted of progressive entrepreneurs, and still does so today’ A new generation is ready for renovation and expansion of production in the Ardennes. Jambon d’Ardenne might not be as sexy as Jambon de Parme, but its authenticity and typical Burgundian taste should not be forgotten. And we will ensure this for the next generations. We Belgians aren’t chauvinists, but we should be. We should be proud of our products and its typical extraordinary taste. The whole world appreciates our beer, why not our ham, which goes perfectly with a Belgian beer


For centuries, the Ardennes ham has been fruit of nature, climate, time and craftsmanship
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Did you know?
The one and only Ardennes ham or “Jambon d’Ardenne” has a tradition dating back some 2000 years ago when the Romans already described the salting and smoking by the Ardennes tribes of the time.