Mousse of jambon d’Ardenne - Saint Hubert
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Mousse of jambon d’Ardenne

serves 4 persons

Mousse of ham
  • 400g dried ham Jambon d’Ardenne / 200g cooked ham New York / 1l cream / 6dl of jelly (6dl chicken fond + 36g gelatin)

Grind the ham in a meat-mincer or cutter. Warm up the jelly and add it with the ham, mix well. Then add the cream and seasoning. Let the mixture rest and stiffen in the fridge. Once stiffened, serve up the mousse.

Dip of chickpeas

Put 50g of chickpeas in water for 24h. After soaking, cook with chicken bouillon until cooked-through

Mix with a bit of cream (40%) and beurre noisette. Allow to cool off in the fridge. Put the mixture in a pastry bag and spray small dots on a plate.

Ham crisps

Take 4 slices of Jambon d’Ardenne and place them on bakery paper. Let the ham dry in the oven at 100°C for 60 min. Once crispy, serve with the mousse.

crumble of hazelnut

Take 50g of peeled hazelnuts. Brown them in the oven for about 7-8 min. on 180°C. Allow the hazelnuts to cool off.

Grind them afterwards until the desired size. Serve the crumble as a garniture on a plate.

Bloody Marry gel
  • 45ml vodka / 10cl tomato juice / 1cl lemon juice / 6 drops of Worcester sauce  / 4 drops of Tabasco / pepper & celery salt

Boil up all the ingredients. Once at the 100°C boiling point, add 7g/liter agar-agar. Leave boiling for a while. Sieve and afterwards let it cool off in the fridge.

Mix in very fine pieces once the mixture is cold, and put it in a pastry bag. When the mousse is ready, decorate the plate with small dots