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Fine meats from the Belgium Ardennes

Our products

Slice of Tradition 
since 1924 by St-Hubert
The forests of Wallonia became increasingly popular over the past few years. Equally popular are our
dried quality hams and sausages.
We invite you to explore and discover our ‘terroir’.
Ardennes ham
Our Jambon d’Ardenne is a salted, seasoned, smoked and ripened pork ham from the Belgian Ardennes. Produced within a strict, artisanal process, the ham is flavoured with natural herbs and lightly smoked above smouldering oak and birch wood, before it dries for about 3 months. The St-Hubert Ardennes ham is protected by a Royal Decree since 1974. This protection is guaranteed with the awarding of the European quality label PGI (Protected Geographical Indication).

It’s the only Belgian ham that conforms to such strict legal standards.

Sliced 80g

Artboard 1made in belgium

A new flavour. A natural product.

Paté with Ardennes ham
St-Hubert’s Ardennes ham pâté gives a new taste to a traditional product. It combines the distinct flavour of our Ardennes ham with the gentle taste of a unique pâté. The base ingredients of this pâté are high quality pork meat, liver and Jambon d’Ardenne PGI. According to an authentic pâté recipe, slices of ham are combined with selected pork and seasoned. The terrines are gently baked to give the paté its unique, delicious Belgian flavour. Pâté is luxurious enough to make the table for your festive feasts, but delicious and easy enough for lunch all year round.


Mousse with Ardennes ham
Make sure to taste our mousse, made of Ardennes ham. It’s a perfect match for every appetizer: on a piece of toast, in a shot glass or on a cone.  You’re guaranteed to impress your guests. Rather have a sandwich? No problem. You can easily dispense the mousse with the piping bag.

Little appetizer - salami balls
Particularly tasty mini salami balls, made from quality pork meat. The natural dried salami balls are spiced with Spanish and Italian herbs. We produce 5 different flavours: natural, with nuts, garlic, chorizo and green pepper. Guaranteed satisfaction on every occasion.